The desire to write

niches, platforms, affiliates, its all common phrases in the blog world. Words that I have read about, stressed over and spent much time thinking about. The desire to have a successful blog was never the driving force behind writing, in fact, I just wanted to write – so I did. After blogging for awhile (its been 2 years now!!!!) I was asked by some people if I thought I should take my blog to the next level. Think about establishing a facebook community, discovering a niche and building a platform. I thought about it, I read about it, I researched it all and instead of feeling excitement and motivation I felt discouragement. Read More…


Sometimes rest is needed. A time of being away to rethink, dream and refresh.

This month I will turn 26.

This month was also my due date for our baby.

So for this month I am going on blog rest. A time to rethink this space. Deal with the emotions of a due date and to dream of new writing possibilities.

Hope you all have a good month!!!!!

Her Heart

I am constantly amazed by my children.

Not big things, just little things that they say or do that give me insight into the people they are growing to be.
Mymy has been saving to go to India for a few months now. She collects change that she finds around the house and puts it into her savings jar. She has quite a coin collection..But the other day she sat looking at her jar with the weight of the world on her shoulders. You see, she has a desire to tell the children of India about Jesus. She wants to go and play with them, love them and introduce them to their creator and her money jar wasn’t quite filling as quickly as she had hoped. I told her not to worry, to keep praying, to keep collecting and she would one day have enough. She seemed ok and so I went back to what I was doing. A few minutes later she came to me with 3 exercise books. She has been writing stories. Short stories, chapter books. She will sit for hours writing a story and drawing pictures. She had gathered her finished books together and announced that she was going to sell them to raise some more money to go. So on saturday mymy sold her first book to Grandma for $5. She was so proud!

Last night at church we wrote something we were believing for on a piece of paper and prayed. As soon as mymy got her paper she wrote ‘i want to go to india’. I told her to pray and I would believe with her for the money. She launched into prayer asking God to give her the money to go and then she prayed for the kids of India. She prayed that they would be safe, that they would know God loves them, that they would be able to go to school, that they would be happy. As I agreed with her I felt so proud of my girl. She is loving and kind. She speaks with compassion. When she first told us she wanted to go to India I thought it would just be a phase. That in a few weeks she would be wanting to do something else. But its stuck. She talks about it all the time. She prays about it all the time. She listens as we talk about the people of that Nation and her heart breaks for the children. As much as I know that she is just a child and that she is listening to the hearts of her parents for a nation I also know that this desire to go is a seed of whats to come. That her life has been set apart to preach the gospel. I know this because God spoke to me before her first birthday and told me that Jeremiah 1 was for her. That he had called her before she was born to be a prophet to the nations. To speak for him and even though she is young that he would be with her and would give her the words to say.

So I will continue to believe with her for a miracle so that she can go to India because I believe that this is not just the desire of a 6 year old girl, but the desire of a girl who loves God and wants to serve him with her whole life. Its the seed of her future. The beginning of a life set apart.

This week

Our Monday started with no food, early morning grocery shopping, morning tea on the veranda and lunch in front of a movie. Now three children are sleeping, in the day, at the same time. A totally weird and so not normal thing to be happening in this house! Read More…


We have been reading lots this week.

Me by myself, with the kids, the kids by themselves.

I have started reading ‘I am Malala’

Me and Jemiah are reading ‘Matilda’ by Ronald Dahl together.

Judah can’t get enough of ‘the diggiest dog’ by Dr Seuss.

Tillie likes pretty much anything with ‘lift the flaps’

Jemiah has also been inspired to write this week and has filled up an entire exercise book with short stories. I have been smiling all day about this, she has only just learnt to read and yet she will sit down and sound out a dozen words and come up with a short story complete with pictures. Her spelling is terrible, but I am ignoring that and celebrating the fact that she is enjoying the writing process.

So far this week she has written ‘The pelican who was not like other pelicans’ ‘The worm who went exploring’ ‘The greatest show ever’ ‘Maya the Magpie’ and one about the beach.

What have you been reading this week?

A day where we remember

Last week a day was put aside and called ‘pregnancy loss day’. A day to remember all the babies taken before they ever lived. A day to remember the Mothers who have been left with empty arms and broken hearts.

‘Pregnancy loss’ knocked on my door earlier this year and tipped my world upside down. In 4 weeks I should be giving birth to another baby. I see Mums to be with their huge bellies, setting up the room and buying tiny clothes. That should be me. But my baby was one of those statistics that is remembered on these days. A ‘pregnancy loss’ or ‘miscarriage’. A baby that I will never hold. A child I will never know. Read More…

if you were once a girl child – read this

Dear woman,

Please believe in me. Please fight for me. I have the seed of greatness inside of me, but the only way that greatness will grow is if someone believes in who I am, waters the seeds inside me and releases me to be all that I can be.

I need a voice. Will you speak for me?

From the girl child

A group of girls gather at the corner of the house watching me as I high five some little friends. They giggle quietly behind their hands watching intently every move that I make. I am told it is the first time they have seen a white person. I walk over to them, kneel down in front of them and say hello. I can’t speak Hindi and they can’t speak English, but in that moment as I looked into their eyes I felt such a passion stirring inside my heart. A passion to speak for these little people, to believe in them despite the statistics of girls in their country. These little people have seeds of greatness inside of them. It is up to the adults in their lives to water those seeds, to believe in them and to fight for them. Girls in India are often trafficked into brothels, domestic slavery and sweatshops. They are married young. Their education is not valued, but despite what happens in their country there are little girls and big girls that walk around dreaming of a different life. Imagining what their life could look like if they were given the chance to go to school. Read More…

Holiday time

This last week we took leave from our regular life, packed the kids (and a lot of stuff) in the car and headed to the beach.

We spent the days soaking up the sun, swimming, building sandcastles, eating food, sleeping and dreaming about the future. It was good. A break in the regular routine of life is always a welcomed event. Time to get away, think, dream and just be together is a good thing. Read More…

5 ways to inspire creativity in kids

One thing I love about having kids is watching their creative little minds work. Seeing them take something simple and turn into a whole new imaginative game, or creating a masterpiece from a plain piece of paper…its awesome.

Sometimes however, my kids walk around saying that they cant find anything to do, they are sick of playing, their feeling bored etc etc etc ….so here is some ides that I have learnt along the way to inspire some creative play. Read More…

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